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Hello, my name is Kevin and my first love is music of all kinds. My second love is reading books about significant musicians and music scenes. In this blog I want to share with you my honest reviews of some of the great music books that I have read. Happy reading!
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Aaliyah Biography - By Tim Footman

Aaliyah Biography – By Tim Footman

One of the most promising careers in R&B was cut short in August 2001 when Aaliyah Haughton was just twenty-two years old. During her short life, Aaliyah accomplished more than many other artists in much longer careers, and seemed a good prospect for more, for years to come. In reading this Aaliyah biography book, I...
Frank: The Voice (A Frank Sinatra Biography)

Frank: The Voice (A Frank Sinatra Biography)

This Frank Sinatra biography does not cover the entire life of Frank Sinatra. It begins ends in 1954 when Sinatra won an Academy Award for his performance in From Here to Eternity. Sinatra lived for another forty-four years after that, releasing successful albums as late as the 1980s and performing as late as the 1990s....
Shakira Biography - By Katherine Krohn

Shakira Biography – By Katherine Krohn

The Shakira biography story might look at a first glace like a novel full of ups and downs; Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoli wrote her first poem at the age of four. An early Christmas present from her father was a typewriter, given to her when she was seven, and she continued writing poetry on it....

Kanye West: A Biography

This Kanye West biography, written for readers at the high school level and older (young adult), covers the rapper and producer’s early life and career, from his birth in Georgia and upbringing mostly in the Chicago area, to his breaking into rap laying tracks for other artists and as a producer, to his later success...
The Way I Am - An Eminem Biography

The Way I Am – An Eminem Biography

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as rapper extraordinaire Eminem, has sold almost 40 million albums and more than 30 million track downloads, founded his own record label and his own radio channel, and moved into acting, with one movie appearance in the wraps and three more scheduled for 2013. In The Way I Am...
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