Catch The BeatFor four crucial and seminal years, from 1987 to 1991, years of musical birth and gestation, David Lubich told the story of a revolution in music in Britain and America in Soul Underground magazine. As house, hip-hop, trance and rave swept into existence, he was there to catch the beat and write down the vital signs. All of it, the interviews, the club scene, the band roster, the stories, are here in this compendium of wonders from the magazine’s 38 issues. With a new introduction by the author, the book features some 200 charts as well as a rhythm-and-sound rich assortment of news stories and interviews with musicians, club owners, and others important to making it all real. The magazine itself is highly collectible, and this compendium of its offerings will surely become a must-have for devotees of the scene and the time. The writing is fresh, and brings the scene to life in a way that nothing written years after the fact ever could.

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Funk, Rave Pits, Ecstasy-laden joy . . .

The people and the scene itself are all covered in articles from the time, with a current perspective as seen by one who was there for it all. From London and Manchester to New York, they’re all here: KRS-1 to The Sound Factory, Bobby Konders to Spoonie Gee to the Jungle Brothers and Shut Up and Dance. The warehouse parties. Acid jazz. The first raves. For anyone who was there, Catch The Beat will bring it all back like a memory booster to the sound of electronic instruments and the sharp zing in the nerves. You’ll relive the excitement, the sense of the new, the people and the scene, as if the years between had been rolled back. Those who weren’t can get a sense of what it was all about, a dose of cultural history and a wonderful sense of great music. A time-travelers delight.

Catch The Beat: The Best of Soul Underground 1987-91
by David Lubich
Hardcover: 440 pages
Publisher: (October 30, 2010)
Language: English

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