Lady Gaga BiographyIn a Lady Gaga biography, what is the first thing you look for (assuming it doesn’t include a CD)? The pictures, of course! Because if there’s one thing you can count on from Lady Gaga it’s that she will make an arresting, unusual visual impression that will be talked about as much as her contralto voice or her music, and maybe more. Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame has plenty of visual material to goose the brain and boggle the mind, as well as a good story of the rise of Stefani Germanotta to fame and success, both creative and commercial. Lady Gaga has called herself a “weird girl,” and it’s clear that this is true, but mostly in a good way. The book relies heavily on Lady Gaga’s interviews for source material. One thing to remember about her is that Lady Gaga is still very young, in her twenties, and so her career is only in its infancy, so Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame is necessarily about her early years because at this point that’s all she has.

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Lady Gaga – A treat for the little monsters

If there’s a shortcoming in this Lady Gaga biography it’s that it doesn’t dig far under the surface to discover the real person. Ms. Germanotta had a fairly straight-laced upbringing and attended a Catholic school, but today’s Lady Gaga is an openly bisexual advocate for LGBT rights as well as a flamboyant performer, and surely the first of those at least must have occasioned much inner and familial conflict, which can’t help but influence Lady Gaga’s career, yet not much of this appears in the pages. We get much more on the music industry as it exists today and of course on Gaga’s own music and performance style and how it evolved and continues to evolve. As important as that is, Lady Gaga herself remains an enigma when we reach the last page as much so as when we open the book, and my take is that that’s the way she wants it. A truly revealing Lady Gaga biography may have to wait a few years. But this book is worth having, for the pictures alone.

Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame
by Emily Herbert
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Overlook TP (March 9, 2010)
Language: English

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