Shakira BiographyThe Shakira biography story might look at a first glace like a novel full of ups and downs; Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoli wrote her first poem at the age of four. An early Christmas present from her father was a typewriter, given to her when she was seven, and she continued writing poetry on it. She wrote her first song a year later. It was called “Tus gafas oscuras” (“Your dark glasses”) and referred to the dark glasses her father wore to hide his grief for a son, Shakira’s half-brother, who died in a motorcycle accident. That same year, when she was stunned by her father’s bankruptcy and the loss of most of what the family owned, he took her to a park and showed her the orphans who lived there to give her perspective.

Memories like these stayed with her for her whole life and are expressed beautifully in this Shakira biography book. As she established herself in the world of Latin music and struggled to become a successful crossover artist in the Anglo music world, they informed her attitudes and the charitable activity which is such an important part of her life.

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Shakira  Biography – A success not easily achieved

Shakira’s music, as might be expected from someone so creative, is a fusion of many different styles and genres. In a Rolling Stone interview, she stated, “My music is, I think, a fusion of many different elements. And I’m always experimenting . . . I try not to . . . be the architect of my own jail.” Her work has been described as falling into the genres of folk, mainstream pop, and rock, as well as Latin rock.

Her first record was released when she was only thirteen. It was not a commercial success, selling only 1,200 copies. Her second album was also a failure mainly due to Shakira’s own dissatisfaction with it and refusal to promote it. Her third album (and first official album, the first two having been pulled from release) was Pies Descalzos and, released in 1995, was a big success on the international Latin music market. It took another five years before she produced a successful crossover album, Laundry List. So success has not come easily for her. The story of her life in this quality Shakira biography by Katherine Krohn is inspiring for its tale of overcoming barriers to success.

Shakira Biography
by Katherine Krohn
Library Binding: 112 pages
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books (CT) (October 2007)
Language: English

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