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Hello, my name is Kevin and my first love is music of all kinds. My second love is reading books about significant musicians and music scenes. In this blog I want to share with you my honest reviews of some of the great music books that I have read. Happy reading!
Posts tagged "Dizzy Gillespie"

Bird: The Legend of Charlie Parker

Here again we get a view of the connection between musical brilliance (or any artistic brilliance, really) and personal dysfunction, drug addiction, and questionable moral character. And if you want to get a look at all the darker corners of a man’s mind and personality ask his ex-wife. Charlie Parker was not an easy man...

Downbeat: The Great Jazz Interviews

Does anything really need to be said about this book other than the title? It’s the great jazz magazine DownBeat, and interviews of – well, everyone! Established in 1934 in Chicago, DownBeat came to be called the “Bible of Jazz.” This collection of interview is in honor of the magazine’s 75th anniversary (2009) and contains...
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